huxhu The world phenomenon
The world we live in is a normal world , no magic , no heroes and no demon lord. That′s what we believe in . But what if all that we see is not what we really see? what if the sounds , the smells and all the other senses that we have are manipulating us ? you may say well if i could outperform everybody with all their senses ? what would that makes me ? an alien ? A prophet ? a god ? Come hear my...
ash_knight17 Heidi and the Lordd
The year 1847 The four Empires have stayed unchanged for centuries, vampires having the upper hand and being the master puppeteer of all. But conflicts have begun to rise-an internal war between the two empires, Bonelake and Woville. Heidi was an adopted child, where one of the Duke had been generous enough to take her in. A girl, who when grew up had no idea that she would be the political...
Matrixshado The Legendary True Saiyan in Dragon Ball
An 18-year-old dragon ball fanatic who claimed to have a boring life will unexpectedly get to experience the full thrills he seek after dying in an accident Join Drazure in desire to tread a path that was never crossed before

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